Is an annual service necessary?

Basically, Yes!

Air source, ground source and air to air (air conditioning) heat pumps should be serviced annually to ensure maximum performance, economy and effectiveness is achieved. An annual heat pump service is a necessary requirement by Ofgem if you claim the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and is also a requirement of most heat pump manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

What’s Included?

Depending on your installation, your annual heat pump service can include:

– Cleaning the magnetic filter (if fitted) and inline strainer

– Inspecting the outdoor unit for signs of damage

– Checking glycol concentration (if appropriate)

– Clean and straighten bent fins on evaporator (if accessible)

– Checking the operation of the 3 port valve

– Ensuring air flow is not impeded by debris and vegitation

– Check and clean fan blades (if necessary)

– Check the unit responds to room and cylinder thermostat operation

–  Check and recharge expansion vessels (only if fitted with local isolation to do so)

(If any of these terms and procedures sound like a foreign language to you, please don’t worry, just call the office and we will explain what they mean and why they are so important).

Tell-tale Signs

Other than a yearly service, how can you tell that your heat pump isn’t performing as well as it could, or is capable of?

It goes without saying that we hope you aren’t experiencing problems with you heat pump. But occasionally, something might not be quite right, and we know from experience what a hassle that can be, so if you ARE having any issues, book an appointment early, so that we can do our thing and make sure we get your heat pump back to its optimum performance for you.

On top of Annual Servicing, here are some tell-tale signs that your system might need a further Health Check.

  • High running cost,
  • Water pooling around the system
  • Noisy
  • Issues with the controls
  • Error messages
  • Loss of pressure
  • Lower temperatures of heating and hot water

Remember, our engineers are fully trained and trusted by the manufacturers. If anyone can help, it’s us!

So, book an early service visit with our manufacturer-trained engineers to make sure we can keep your system healthy and happy.

A Heat Pump System Health Check

Our full system health check includes:

  • Functional check of the main components in the heating system
  • Suggestions and recommendations to optimise function
  • Offer to make settings changes
  • Provide a written report
  • Record changes and future recommendations

During the system health check we will make recommendations and can tweak the settings. You will also receive a written report of our findings, with a record of any changes made and any future recommendations that we might have. This will make sure that, going forward, you get the best out of your heat pump.

Your happiness and the health of your heat pump is important to us.

How to book your annual heat pump service

So, whether you’ve had an air source, ground source or air to air heat pump installed (by us or someone else) and it’s not had an annual service, OR if you think something is wrong, please get in touch!

You can reach us on the phone, or via a multitude of digital systems; email, online chat and a contact form.

Browse on over to our Contact Us page for more information.

We service heat pumps throughout Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Isleham, Burwell, Exining, Manea, Fen Drayton, Chatteris, Milton, Swaffham Prior, Elmdon, Barton and neighbouring towns and villages.

We remember your service date so you don’t have to. We know what it’s like to trawl through last year’s calendar trying to find that one day you had a heat pump service! Once your heat pump has been serviced by us, with your permission we will keep your records on file so we can contact you when your next service is due. You don’t have to worry about a thing!