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Common Air Source Heat Pump Error Codes, Alarms and Messages

Heat pump error codes, alarms or messages are a sign that something is wrong. Below are an explanation for some common fault codes for NIBE, Panasonic, Daikin and LG air to water heat pumps. If you need help interpreting the error code or fixing your system then please give us call us on 07979 857857. We currently cover Ely, Cambridge, Lakenheath, Upwell, Newmarket, Sutton and Manea.

IMPORTANT: These codes have been supplied for your information only. We recommend that all servicing and maintenance of your heat pump should be carried out by a qualified engineer, and only engineers who holds a current F-Gas qualification should work on refrigerant.

NIBE Air Source Heat Pump Error Codes

NIBE Alarm code 294, incompatible heat pump:

This alarm happens when the outdoor unit losses power for a couple of seconds. To clear the alarm, you will need to turn off the outdoor and indoor unit for a few mins (outdoor at the isolator), then turn on the outdoor unit followed by indoor unit power on.

NIBE Alarm code 220 EB101 (E:40), high pressure alarm:

This is a circulation issue.  It could be a blocked filter, air in the system, circulation pump not working, or a valve that isn’t working as it should be causing a restricted flow during hot water production or heating. A visit by a service engineer is required.

NIBE Error message: High Temp Condenser:

High condenser out/in is a B alarm. The system will reset itself and come up when Δ between flow and return. This is a flow issue in general will need to be looked at.

Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump Error Codes

Panasonic Error H62 – Water flow switch abnormality:

This error usually indicates a low flow rate and may require remedial work. This error code may turn off the heat pump and the green light will flash on the control panel.

Daikin Air Source Heat Pump Error Codes

Daikin U0 –  Shortage of refrigerant:

This error is shown when there is a refrigerant shortage. An F-Gas engineer will need to attend to top up the refrigerant.

LG Altherma V Heat Pump Error Codes – CH14

CH14 error message on a LG Altherma V high temperature – split air source heat pump is usually due a flow rate issue. This could be something simple like isolating and cleaning the strainer, and or magnetic filter, or it could down to a more serious hydraulic issue such as a faulty circulation pump or valve.

If your heat pump is showing an error code which isn’t listed, please give us a call on 07979 857857 and we will help diagnose the issue with you.